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Card-only rides at PITX

Photo of the long lines of passengers waiting for their rides

Photo of the cardholders riding the card-only units

An influx of commuters and passengers arrived at the Parañaque Integrated Terminal Exchange (PITX) last December 27, 2021. Many passengers waited in line for their rides while Beep Rides cardholders traveled with ease with the card-only rides provided by Beep Transport.

Another photo of the cardholders riding the card-only units

Cardholders were very happy to avail the service of the card-only rides. This rid of the long lines and long waiting just to travel to their destination. However, in stark contrast, commuters using cash had to wait for units accepting cash payments.

Another photo of passengers waiting for their rides

The arrival of many passengers also caused a shortage in the supply of cards. One commuter even voiced his regrets of not availing the card when it was offered to him when he was commuting before.

The card-only rides of the Beep Transport will continue their operation at PITX until the start of next year. Passengers are encouraged to have the Beep Rides card to avail of this service during this holiday season.


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