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What is the BeepRides Card?

BeepRides Card is a reloadable card used to pay for a distance-based (Tap In - Tap Out) automated fare collection system (AFCS). Each card has a unique serial number to allow passengers a more convenient and safer way to pay for their fares.

What are the advantages of using the BeepRides Card?

This payment alternative is convenient, time reducing, and is also proven to be safer compared to bringing out cash while on the road.

Can I use other tap cards or contactless cards to pay?

Tap cards bearing the BeepRides and BEEP Transport logos are accepted. Cards that do not bear any of these logos cannot be used to pay for BeepRides.

Where can I use my card?

BeepRides can be used to pay fares in BEEPs as well as other partner buses and modern jeepneys roving around Metro Manila and Metro Cebu.

What are the benefits of having a BeepRides Card?

The BeepRides Card also has these benefits to make your daily commute easy and hassle-free: 
- Shortens transaction time
- Reduces cash handling
- Provides a more accurate fare charging

- Promos and discounts 

Where can I get or reload my BeepRides card?

You may get or reload your card in our partner stores and in the terminals where our trade representatives are located.

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